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First, put away all ideas of the pure, innocent Virgin.  Virgo has been given a very non-sexual interpretation for too many centuries--now it is time to expose the Virgin's secrets. Despite the widespread negative view of Virgo's sexuality (basically, that it is nonexistent), Virgos can be extremely sexually oriented.  They are not so open with their sexuality, often preferring to keep well covered up and maintaining an aura of dignity, especially in public.  Underneath the heavy sweater and the business-like attitude, however, you will discover a well-toned, fit (in all the right places) lover with a sexual appetite that can withstand the onslaught of any Pisces or Scorpio...indeed, the male Pisces and Scorpio really enjoy the Virgo Vixen who likes to play dress up, which may involve leather and chains.  The Virgo Woman especially enjoys being the dominant one in a romp of bondage and submission; however, she can just as easily switch roles and lie across your lap as you paddle her to ecstasy.  Cancer men are also rather stimulated by Virgo...but the Cancer man enjoys the Virgo's down-to-earth ability to keep the home running smoothly and the tender care Virgo generously gives when they are sick rather than the earth-shaking, heart-pounding extreme sexuality inherent in the Virgo female.

Speaking of Virgo women, many have a great fetish for shoes.  High heels in many colors and fabrics, thighhigh fantasy boots, lace-up sandals, dramatic glass slippers...can you see the correlation with Pisces men wanting (needing?) to 'knock boots' with a Virgo woman?  I guess I should say a bit more about why Scorpio finds Virgo so exciting...she is the ultimate dual female...the Virgin and the Whore.  When will she be innocent and demure, when will she start issuing profanities that would turn any sailor's ears red?  The uncertainty and changing face of the Virgo woman can keep the Scorpio male up all night.  I don't think he minds...

The Virgo male must have intelligence in his women.  He is the least likely sign to go to the strip club and pick up a surgically/chemically altered female buzzing on some type of stimulant.  Think of all the diseases the woman could have!  A woman with nothing up there between the ears will not see any bedroom action from a Virgo male.  He isn't into one night stands, but maybe he has succumbed once or twice.  He needs romance and a hint of security in order to feel attracted to a woman.  Many times he is attracted to plump women who call up subconscious images of the Great Earth Mother...this could be upsetting to him if he is too in deep with societies 'think thin' mentality.  My advice to the Virgo male is to accept his need for a rubenesque goddess, if that is what turns him on.  Forget the rail thin model-type if she is going to leave you more excited about reading The Odyssey than having a sexual relationship with her.  As smart as Virgo men are, you'd think they would be beyond all the skinny hype, but this doesn't tend to be the case.  Maybe it all goes back to health issues...maybe he is worried his goddess will leave him too soon...or maybe he will try his best to help her lose weight only to find himself attracted to other plump ladies at the expense of his formerly-plump lover.  But what does the Virgo male like sexually?  Unlike the female Virgo, who likes to be in charge, the Virgo male wants to be dominated.  He doesn't really want anyone to know this, however!  Including his lovers, as it is not proper.   He needs a bit of a tease, in private of course...never anything sexual in public with this remained clothed while you order him about.  He should be naked...totally vulnerable to your whims.  It might be fun to try this outside, but be sure no one is about!  Both the male and female Virgo like clean partners, so bathroom pleasure should be on the agenda from time to time.  Make your Virgo man scrub you clean...everywhere but there...tell him that will come later, but only if he is a good slave.

The Virgo lover has great technical knowledge in the bedroom.  Their memory combined with accute critical observation will take notes of your likes and dislikes instantaneously.  Can this be a problem?  Yes, if you aren't so careful to note the Virgin's likes and dislikes as sure to keep in mind his or her pleasure points, because Virgo will not usually hesistate to tell you what you are doing wrong.  This can be put across in a gentle, romantic manner, or a dominating manner, depending on his or her mood and the person involved.  If this is your first mistake, the Virgo will likely gently nudge you to the right spot...but if this is your 3rd, 4th, or (heaven forbid!) later attempt, you are in for a tongue-lashing (no, not down there).  So, basically, don't mess up!  Pay attention and most of all, ask if you don't know.  Although a Virgo won't mind telling you what to do in the midst of a sex session, he or she can be quite shy when not stimulated.  Rather than hit the wrong spot or stroke the wrong way and take the chance on your Virgo becoming disgruntled during your lovemaking (which might leave you a bit...frustrated), ask in advance.  Work on the Virgo's mind, for a great deal of Virgo's excitement begins very definitely within the mind.  Share your sexual fantasies on the phone, get into a heavy chat on the internet, or send the Virgo a hot letter via mail and you will get a nice surprise or two when you next meet.  Notice that everything is from a distance...this adds great spice to the Virgo's sex life.  It gives the Virgo plenty of time to mull over just what they are going to do to you, how they are going to surprise you...believe me, the Virgo can be the utmost perfect lover if you know what you are doing.

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