Scorpio is an enigma.  Unless you are strong Scorpio yourself, it is fairly safe to say that it is nearly impossible for you to truly understand the Scorpio.  We hear about Scorpio being the sexiest sign, the mysterious partner, the vengeful destroyer...these are all true to some extent, but Scorpio is also the redeemer, the protector, the monk, nun, and aesthetic.  The Scorpio is powerful and in control, and he or she can channel and sublimate their enormous sex drive into their career, art, or even their religion (thus, the Scorpio monks and nuns).  Passion is the keyword for this sign--they are passionate about everything that is important to them.  There is a duality about Scorpio which affects every area of his or her life; you will find yin and yang, God and Lucifer, Heaven and Earth all wrapped up in a condensed package known as the Scorpionic Soul.  Is it any wonder that quite a few Scorpios....

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The Scorpio lover is full of surprises.  You need to be open-minded and experimental to catch this lover's eye.  Once you have it, be prepared to abandon yourself fully and surrender to the sweet and yet kinky desire of this sign.  Be sure to get your rest, because keeping up with the Scorpio is a must!

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