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The information on Pisces Sexuality is based on the Sun sign (works for the Moon sign as well) and will not accurately describe any individual although if you are a Pisces, or a Pisces lover...you will see some of yourself  (or your lover) or at least your fantasies here. If you want an accurate picture of your personal Pisces lover (or self) please click here. Read the monthly sex scopes!
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I wrote this article on Pisces Sexuality back in 2001...when I have time I will expand upon it :)

Pisces is hot.  A strange thing to say about a water sign...or is it?  Like Scorpio, Pisces is very much focused on sex.  These two signs have quite a bit in common sexually.  They are both mysterious, albeit in different ways.  Scorpio fairly oozes unfathomable mystery--dark, decadent, and delightful.  Pisces mystery is more subtle, more spiritual, more changing.  Pisces is mutable water, after all. 

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is at home in the 12th house of the zodiac.  The touch of the Pisces alternates between hard and soft, but it is always memorable.  Their eyes will melt into your soul.  They know how to make any moment magical; they can turn even the worst situation or tortuous sexual position into a fantasy come true.

What sets Pisces apart from all the other signs sexually is their willingness to try anything.  Scorpio will indulge all sexuality too, but a Scorpio wants it to be their own idea.  Pisces doesn't mind if you are the instigator, in fact, he or she enjoys your suggestions and will gladly participate. 

There is a dark side to Pisces that isn't often discussed.  Bondage and control issues figure quite prominently in Neptune's sexual underworld.  A Pisces man will play both sides of the dominance and submission game, although he often prefers to be in charge.  He is ultimately attracted to a sensuous, powerful woman who knows what she wants in life and is consciously working on obtaining it.  This is not a contradiction: Pisces wants a strong woman because it is even more exciting for him to have his lady, his powerful, domineering lady, under his control. The Piscean female is also suited for both roles, but she prefers to be the 'slave' most of the time.  She too is attracted to the powerful and she will readily obey the right man.  Because of her submissive nature, a Pisces woman doesn't enjoy being on top of her lover, but she will do it in order to please him (or her).

Some Pisces need a mix of pleasure and pain to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm.  Their interest in the occult can turn to role-playing in the bedroom.  Vampyrism is a favorite theme.  Biting, cutting with small razors, drinking of menstrual blood--all these are possibilities.  Anything goes when Pisces is looking for satisfaction.  They are highly suggestible and eager to please.  These traits make Pisces some of the best lovers, second only to Scorpio influenced lovers.  Why do I say Pisces is number two?  One reason only...Scorpio men can have multiple orgasms and sex all night long.  Pisces are usually once or twice a night, with a break in between.  The gap is closed in the female sex, however.  Both Pisces and Scorpio women are capable of multiple, excruciating orgasms.  Pisces women are often screamers in the bedroom, so be prepared!

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