Leo Sexuality - The Sexual Expression of the Leo Male and the Leo Female by Dena L Moore
The Leo male looks for a ‘special’ lover, a woman (or man) who can capture and hold his interest, often by being a bit demanding herself. She has to have a somewhat regal aura about her, a woman who exudes a lofty wait-on-me feeling or he won’t bother turning his head or get up out of his chair to make her acquaintance. Indeed, he rarely makes an effort in meeting new people, assuming that he should be the one who is approached first.  It takes a rare woman to elicit such a response from him. He likes to play with his potential lovers (think cat and mouse) in order to size them up for an ongoing relationship.  Leo really isn’t about one night stands or carrying on multiple sexual relationships…he may tease and flirt and play around, but he isn’t going to enter into a sexual relationship and dirty his golden cock with just anyone who is capable of giving him an erection.  He needs a woman who can orbit around him and merge calmly, supportively, into his kingly realm…a Moon who can reflect his brilliant, self-important light and add sparkle and glitz to his everyday world.  She (or he) must be devoted and naturally assume that the Leo is superior and the authority in the relationship. He may have a string of lovers in his life, a parcel of glamorous girls he thought - at the time - were the one.  If there is one thing that can be said about the Leo male, he is quite picky about who he beds…and even moreso about who he weds.  And such - since he usually takes his time in selecting his favorite out of the line-up and drilling and testing her in oh, so many fiery ways - the Leo male, when he falls, falls hard.  Once he is in love, he shows it…and if that love should fade and the lover walks away, he will fall into a state of desolation no other sign could match.  He is typically a one-woman man because, simply, how could he have chosen the wrong one??  He will hang on to a dying relationship for the longest time, refusing to swallow his pride and call it quits…if he loves, he loves.  It is as simple as that.

Sexually, he isn’t at his best unless he feels secure in a relationship…and his security revolves around knowing that his woman (or man) wants him, only him, and while she won’t have to wait on him hand and foot or be his slave (unless they are into such a lifestyle), she must recognize his lordliness and treat him as his birthright as a Leo suggests he should be treated - as a King.  In return, he will treat her as his Queen…a rather high-ranking station to hold.   He is more aroused by exotic, dark, haughty diva types than those with a fair complexion or a bimboesque nature. Leo wants his lover to be almost his equal intellectually, but if he senses she may have more upstairs than he does, he won’t stick around.  He wants to be proud of his mate, but she must not compete for his superior position.  He likes his sex to be spontaneous and natural, while at the same time emanating the ritual and drama of a ceremonial affair…it sounds difficult to deliver, a very fine balance, yet for the Leo male it is an expectation.  Most Leo men are not very experimental in their sexual relationships, often preferring tried and true methods of sexual gratification…not necessarily only the missionary position, but he isn’t an extremely kinky or perverse man.  Some of the more dominant types will enjoy role-playing (as in, making his partners dress up and act whatever it is that interests him) and toying with dominance and submission - anything that allows his sadistic streak to shine, but I will discuss this sort of Leo a bit later.  It is likely that his lover will have to take it upon herself to introduce erotic variation into the relationship at some point, but she must be patient and bid her time before attempting such a maneuver.  If the sexual relationship is still in the early phases, tread carefully. An ‘early’ phase in a relationship with Leo is any point before the inherent mental trust exists between the partners.  If Leo isn’t declaring his undying love and showering you with gifts and declarations concerning the future, let him keep full control of the sexual activities…otherwise you risk hearing his sexist roar and he will soon be out searching for new prey. Once he knows his woman is ‘the one’ he will let his passions reign.  Weekenders are a thing that this man can really sink his teeth into…slow, erotic lovemaking sessions that go on all weekend, only coming up for air long enough to eat, nap, and take bathroom breaks. His passion burns brightly - like the Sun - and there is little that can put it out once it is ignited (other than his lover being unfaithful or refusing to recognize his authority and superiority)…this passion is on slow-burn, rarely overheated or scorching. Many Leo men can maintain an erection for long periods of time, and there are some who require very little ‘down’ time between sessions…his lovers are thankful for the rolling, earth-shattering orgasms he can deliver through his dedication to satisfying his Queen...and satisfy her he will, as long as his specific requirements are met.  He will take the time to get to know his partner’s body, every dip and curve, and he will file away her reactions for future reference.  He can be a very generous lover when the mood strikes him, a lover who will put his Queen up on a pedestal and worship her as wholesomely as possible; however, there is another Leo type who does have his perversions, and these typically focus on retaining his masculine pride and the lordly authority he considers his due.  This Leo type may feel powerless in his outside world, perhaps in his extended family situation or in his profession, and thus he will take full control in his sexual relationship to the point of being abusive. He may expect his partner to service him while he pays very little attention, even to the point of controlling his erection…which will ‘show’ his lover that she isn’t worthy enough, she can’t even give him a hard on.  He will expect her to demonstrate her devotion and affection in an unrealistic, dramatic manner and punish her if she is unable to get him up.  Punishment could be anything from withdrawal to sexual torture, complete with bonds and devices.  This type of Leo will attract submissives who feel they are unworthy and need this sort of punishment to really feel anything, emotionally or sexually…but these women wouldn’t stand a chance making it into Leo’s boudoir.  He will look down upon them and may tease or toy with them, but he won’t let them into his dungeon…no, he needs someone who will put up something of a fight, a wild woman - a crazy woman, even - who is vulnerable on the inside and tough as nails on the outside.  Taming this woman will feed his pride, boost his ego, and give him the erection he desires - a symbol of his dominance and his manliness. 

The Leo Female is one of the more dominating women in the zodiac and she wants to have fun…lots of it, both in and out of the bedroom.  She is more adventurous than the typical Leo male and quite vocal about what she wants and needs to be sexually satisfied, which is usually a difficult topic for the Leo male to broach.  This lady is difficult to subdue or tame, so let’s hope that she never decides to cozy up with the male of the species!  It would be the battle to end all battles for supremacy. She’s independent and infused with the very essence of the creative life force, the essence of the 5th house, and she’s determined to prove that she has what it takes to win - in life, love, professionally, you name it. She may seem distant at times - which is a more definite trademark of the Leo male - but not because she intends to show you who is superior, but because she is so wrapped up in her own little world, be it an artistic creation, her children, a relationship drama, or one of her many health issues.   She isn’t usually an intellectual powerhouse, but she knows enough to convince most people that she knows quite a bit…and she will stay clear of those who may sniff out the truth of the matter.  She’d much prefer to focus on how to draw attention to herself and enhance her many, innumerable charms than her studies…she does need a captive audience, be it the employees under her or the many admirers of her dramatic creativity, which she may express in a variety of ways depending on other factors in her chart.  If she lacks this attention and admiration, she may become depressed or fall ill.  She is well aware at times that she is not the center of the universe, and because of this, she understands all too well the importance of pride - not personal pride, as the Leo male, but the pride, the pack…her followers and supporters.  Her friends may be avid supporters, often younger and, at times, in need of her ‘guidance and assistance.’  And she is a generous woman, no doubt about that, but she always expects something in return…not materially, no, but rather she expects something much more important than gifts and financial awards. She expects loyalty and undying dedication.  If one of her goals is to topple the world, you had better damn well remember that she helped you out years ago and be prepared to fall in line and join her army.  

Like her male counterpart, the Leo female enjoys toying with her ‘meals’ but not for the same reason…whereas the male is just getting a kick out of watching others squirm and dance when he feels little or no connection to them, the female will flirt and tease in order to win a potential lover over and frustrate him into undying devotion.  Even if she isn’t interested sexually, she always needs more supporters and admirers.  And like the Leo male, she is also more erotically attracted to lovers with darker complexions.  Icy blonds are generally not her cup of tea. She is generous with her affections, though they may not always run as deep as others believe, and she will give wild and crazy gifts to those she deems worthy and truly loyal. Sexually, when she is in lust, she is unable to be demure…when she knows what she wants, she tends to be quite direct, even forward, which may scare the socks off some men.  Unfortunately, she often seems to fall, however temporarily, the hardest for the weakest of the bunch (either suave players who are unable to commit, or the more intellectual and quiet type who would never dream such a woman would give him the time of day), perhaps not realizing that in order to be happy and sexually satisfied, she needs someone who is her equal when it comes to living life with passion.  There may appear to be a fluke within her nature that draws her to these weaker men…or perhaps it is that she is so used to being the Queen and having others circle about her that she forgets that she needs a partner, not an attendant. Playing her cat and mouse games with potential lovers turns her most likely long-term lovers off, so she is left with those who will either love her and leave her or those who will tolerate her diva attitude and romanticize her and bow down and do her bidding….which is fantastic for a while, until the great lioness gets bored and goes back out on the hunt for more challenging prey.   It’s not so much that she is unfaithful when she is in love, but more that she has difficulty falling in love.  She isn’t in complete touch with her own feelings, often preferring her daydreams and romanticisms to reality…she may take many lovers simply because the act of sex is one of the few ways she can tap into her deeper emotional nature and feel. Each and every conquest she makes has an aura of hope about it…is this the one??  And she won’t bother reigning in her desires long enough to ensure that something longer lasting could come of a new connection because she needs sex…she needs it, it is her lifeline into her own soul.  Another reason she doesn’t shy away from having sex with strangers or on a first date is because she refuses to invest herself emotionally until she checks out a potential partner’s bedroom skills and cock-package (she likes them thick rather than long). Indeed, the very lure (sex) she uses to entice men is the very noose she sometimes hangs herself with in her relationships.   Once the Leo does fall in love, however, real love with a mate who is her equal, she will throw her entire being into making the relationship work…and as such, she expects her partner to do the same.  He must be passionate, highly-sexed, and devoted to her…and she may expect him to validate the relationship and his love for her with extravagant displays of generosity.  Monetary gifts - huge rings, dozens of flowers, trips overseas - may be a prerequisite for marriage to a certain type of Leo lady…not all of them, but some. In return, the lioness will make her lover’s days and nights memorable in her trademark dramatic fashion.  Unlike the Leo male, who will not do with competitiveness in his relationships, the Leo female thrives on it.  She needs to prove her potency and throw her weight up against a challenging male, and the more high-powered and driven he seems to be, the more she will enjoy taking him down (down, down) in the bedroom.  She enjoys fighting for dominance sexually, although she may find that she is really happier when she is the ‘loser’ in this game (it may take years for her to figure this out, however)…she may think she wants to be the one on top, the one in charge, but inside she is crying out to be subdued and restrained…another reason why she needs a strong man (or woman), though she may not recognize it until mid-adulthood.  Biting, clawing, wrestling, and tangling up the sheets is only part of the fun for Leo…she is a fast learner and open to experimenting with both sexes; whether she considers herself bisexual or not, many Leo women enjoy the erotic differences of the sexes.  She considers sex to be her play time and she wants to play every day, whenever she can…she has a penchant for taking younger lovers because she can ‘teach’ them all sorts of exciting things while indulging her own narcissistic tendencies through their glowing adoration of her skills. She is a powerhouse lover who is full of primal, animalistic energy…a man who hopes to slip a ring on her finger needs to be able to keep up and satisfy the intense sexual cravings that are inherently woven throughout the female Leo’s psyche.  He must be open to experimentation and be able to access his physical energy fully, erotically, and on cue…she likes it furious, not necessarily fast, but hard…and long-lasting. Some Leo women may also be into role-reversal and mightily enjoy using a strap on in hopes of stealing a man’s anal virginity. She isn’t the greatest at fellatio, preferring to get it over and done with as quickly as possible if she must do it at all…the focus is then too much on the man and not enough on her, unless she sees it as a power play or needs to do ‘the job’ in order to get the guy to round two (or three…or four)…  

The Leo lover, male or female, are both after one thing…undying devotion and love.  Whereas the male will wait it out, always looking for the right one while preserving his dignity, the female will play the field in hopes of landing the one who will capture her heart and satisfy her lusty cravings. This is a very strong, dominating, and sexual sign who wants a sexual connection that will not fade over time…and the Leo wants sex often and in slow, mind-bending marathon sessions that will leave a lover coming back for more…and often.

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