Sexuality is a mystery…what we know about our sexual feelings, impulses, and desires is often convoluted and distorted by society's images, beliefs, and so-called morals.  We all experience our sexuality differently--what is fun for one person may be uncomfortable or even dangerous for another…and yet…yet…we are all expected to conform to what is acceptable by our society, by our parents, and by the ‘watchdogs’ that feel they have the right to determine what is right for others.

Like Sexuality, Astrology is often shunned and pushed into the back corridors of civilization.  Like sexuality, some feel that working with astrology goes against the universal will…but if this were true, why do we have sexual feelings and desires?  Why do we have such a wonderful tool as astrology to help explore the inner dimensions of life?  Sexuality and Astrology are indeed quite similar…they allow us to shift focus away from the external world and focus on the inner light inside…both are tools for self-exploration and evolution.

Lilith, in myth, was the first woman --Adam’s equal.  She wanted to remain his equal and when others attempted to coerce her into submitting to his ‘rule,’ she decided she would rather remain alone than be enslaved by the desires of another.  Because of her independent vision and determination, Lilith was cast into the role of Seductress, Demonness, and Child Abductor in mythology.  Many may fear her, but what they are really fearing is the unrestrained, transforming force of her sexuality…a deep, dark, and mysterious force that lies, however dormant, within us all…
Desires of Lilith: Exploring Sexuality through Astrology
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Exploring sexuality through astrology
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